Wyrmwood Dice Tray and 5 Alternatives to Consider

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5 Affordable, Efficient and Awesome Alternatives to the Wyrmwood Dice Tray

If you have ever dreamed of having a premium dice tray to roll your 20s on then you have undoubtable seen the wyrmwood gaming dice trays. Featuring solid wood construction of everything between Cherry and Macassar Ebony wood with oiled leather cushions all optimized to provide a satisfying sound, touch and look for each roll. They are nice, they are premium they might just be the nicest 5 sided wooden box known to man but is a dice tray that you just might need to finance with 4 easy payments worth it?

(probably but here are some alternatives)

Ultra PRO Dice Tray

This self proclaimed ULTRA PRO dice tray describes itself as the generic dice rolling tray. How could you possibly go wrong with a description that is both Ultra pro and generic at the same time? I think I remember having a dice tray just like this when I was a kid at our cottage. This product boasts premium velvet lined tray for quieter rolling with 1″ tall stiff cardboard (?) walls to keep the dice contained. With dimensions of 14″ long x 6.5″ wide it is the size that draws me to this tray. Being one of the few trays available that are this long it is perfect for the rowdy throws that require a bit more run way to fall. Priced at around $20 it is a one fifth of the price of a starting wyrmwood tray. This is the perfect function before form buy that gives you all the performance of the market standard dice tray without the loud statement. It looks like it is no longer being produced so get stock while you can! You can find prices and availability on amazon here.

RNK Black Leather Octagon Dice Tray

This octagonal dice tray has to be my my top choice. The contrast between the soft red velvet cushioning and the black leather (polyurethane) gives it a sense of exclusivity and luxury. The octagonal shape is novel and provides a large efficient use of space and when coupled with a huge 11.5″ round size there should be lots of room to emphasize your epic dice battle or to roll at least 100 D6s. I like the octagon less than the long rectangle of the Ultra Pro from a pure performance standpoint but the lack of hard corners and beauty of this tray makes it one of my favorites. This dice tray goes right out and says that this is the perfect dice tray for table top games such as D&D (Dungeons and Dragons), Pathfinder, Warhammer but also suggests that it can double as storage for personal valuables like keys, cash and jewelry. The RNK octagonal dice tray comes in with a middle of the road pricing of around $30 if you can accommodate the size there is value here. You can check out price and available here.

Cthulhu – Dice Tray of Holding

Here we have another octagonal dice tray but this time we are getting fancy. The Green Old One Cthulhu – Tray of Holding Hexagon RPG Dice Tray is a top rated dice tray currently on amazon featuring 8.75″ width, two ring dice tray that even has a lid! This dice tray has a metallic green Cthulhu decal on the lid and a dark green cushion inside adding some mystic and RPG elements to it. It boasts an inner playing surfaces coated in a green velvet that is 5.75″ wide with a second ring around it for dice storage. If you want to make a statement when you roll your D20 this is how to do it. I think the 5.75″ playing area is great for dungeons and dragons style dice rolls but lacks the surface area for a large scale Warhammer roll off. The fact there is storage in the tray as well as a lid are a huge plus for me. Plus the cool branding/logo speak to my inner nerd. The trade between size and fanciness here still keeps the price less than half of a wyrmwood dice tray while still bringing some style. You can find updated pricing and availability here (also if you poke around a bit there are other logos and color schemes available)

Folding Table Top Dice Tray

The latest in dice tray trends – folding dice trays. It would be hard to talk about dice trays in todays world and not mention the folding versions. Optimizing for convenience these trays offered by Stylifing and others have buttons on the corner that can be clasped and unclasped to lay the tray flat. These come in a variety of color schemes so you can choose one that matches your lore, backstory, or army color. At a reasonable 9.25″ diameter these are middle of the road as far as gaming surface and should accommodate a variety of table top dice rolling games including dungeons and dragons, warhammer or…. Yahtzee. I like that the clasped design has a slightly outwards slope give it a nice approach angle that makes it appealing to look at and the leather (polyurethane) backing give it a nice feel and good grip on the table. The added benefit of being able to lay flat makes it easy to store and less likely to get damaged. The price point is very attract at a sub $10 buy in it is roughly 1/10th price of a starter wyrmwood kit. Even though I am not the biggest fan of the button clasps in the corner its hard to argue with the convenience of the lay flat design and how can you go wrong with the price? You can check availability and pricing here:

Forged Dice Display Case and Rolling Tray

This is the dice caddy or should I say Cadillac? This Forged Dice display case is a 3 tiered dice storage system with two tiers of dice storage and the lowest tier being a dice tray. Able to fit 480 dice per case this versatile storage system allows you to show off your nicest dice sets in the top layer through the crystal clear plastic case while keeping your generic (or mix matched) dice hidden below. The size of the dice tray being 13.75″ x 9.5″ is one of the nicest playing fields with a really classy forged logo in the bottom. I really like the security of the dice moving to and from the gaming table with the lid shut even though the unused dice are likely to get splashed while playing. The removable lid also provides ample access to the tray to roll your favorite dungeons and dragons RPG or Games Workshop battle if you choose to use the bottom for a dice tray and not just more storage. There could a better cushion in the bottom to help dampen the noise of rolling and give a more appealing experience but this just might be something you have to do aftermarket. The price, at around $70, is the highest on this list but you are paying for features. It is the largest and most functional tray available just be ready for the quest to fill all those dice compartments. You can check out price and availability here: