Gifts for Factorio Enthusiasts

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Gifts for Factorio Enthusiasts

Factorio is an award winning sandbox game about building an ever expanding automated factory. You start as a crashed space pilot on a foreign land and go from mining ores to launching rockets that get you off the planet. It is a complex and fulfilling game where you can use your imagination to stich together factory elements to solve problems, defend your base against invasion and advance your technologies.

Factorio is currently the 2nd highest rated game on steam with a 98.89% positive feedback and a Metacritic score of 94 with some estimating sales in excess of six million copies. It has a cult like following and is beloved by everyone from casual gamers to factory masterminds. If you have a factorio enthusiast on your friends list (or family) these are our top five recommended gifts for them:

1. 3D Printer:

Any factorio lover will enjoy scratching the itch to create and build with a 3D printer. Giving the user the ability to design and create custom 3D models the only real limitation is your imagination. With the increased popularity of these machines there is a large library of ready made fan art available online allowing you to also print other peoples creations. When you give this gift suggest that they try and create models from the factorio game.

We recommend having a look at ANYCUBIC Mega Pro FDM 3D Printer, 4th Gen 3D Printing & Laser Engraving 2 in 1 available off amazon. This 3d printer comes in at the moderate to high price range in the hobbyist section of 3d printers but offers the added benefit of also being able to do laser engraving. It has a print size of 8.27x8x8.27×8.07 , silent drives and an intelligent bed leveling tool. With four and half stars out of 5 across 41 ratings lot of people agree with us on this too.  The perfect gift for the factorio enthusiast.

2. The Factory Must Grow Poster:

The main factorio mantra – “the factory must grow” has been elevated from cult status to quality meme now let them hang it in their room. Get this retro wartime papaganda style poster for your factorio enthusiast to hang next to where they build their factories. They will love the gift and love to explain the inside joke to you as well.

This 20×16” handmade poster is 10mil thick slightly gloss and available in 2-7 business days on Etsy.

factory must grow

3. Raspberry Pi Starter Kit:

If you friend loves factorio you know that they already love to automate things. Take that fascination to the real world with a raspberry Pi starter kit. The raspberry Pi is the perfect platform to begin the journey into programing, autiomation, robots and web integration. Based on a small open source computer similar to something you might find in your cell phone these devices have their input/output ports exposed and controllable. This allows you to write code in Python that sends commands from the computer to control real world devices. Want your lights to come on but only when its dark outside? Raspberry Pi and some ingenuity can get that done. Play with the same technology that’s behind popular home automation products like Nest.

We recommend the CanaKit Raspberry Pi Ultimate Starter Kit as the choice gift. Priced maybe a bit on the high side of what is available this starter kit comes from the reputable CanaKit group. It includes not only the raspberry Pi computer but also a few wires, switches and circuit boards to get started in building circuits. This kit will allow you to get enough beginner knowledge and try a few projects before leaping into an advanced kit

4. Clothing:

If you are tired about your friend talking about factorio let them express their love with their clothing. There are a couple options here ranging on mild to wild depending on your tastes.

First option is this amazing factorio belt. The band is modeled after the main conveyor belt item in the game with underground belts for latches. Subtle enough not everyone will notice it but specific enough your factorio enthusiast will love it.

Produce by BrainThought on Etsy

If the belt is too much maybe a simple shirt featuring everyone’s favorite helper bots:

5. Digital Note Taking:

Digital note taking at its best for the factorio player in your family. As you play factorio and your factory starts to grow the problems you are trying to solve in the game also become more complex. Nothing is worse then leaving the game or getting distracted and losing track of what you were working on. Unfortunately the developers didn’t give any in game “to do list” capabilities so its up to the player to keep track of what they are working on and what needs to be done on a scrap piece of paper or on a notepad.

But not any longer! Gift your factorio player a re-useable LCD note tablet. So they can write their to do lists down, plan their factory or take any notes that come to mind. We recommend the JONZOO LCD Business writing tablet for its lightweight and sleek design with integrated magnets and economical price. Sure to be at the top of any factorio players wish list.

Factorio is a great game. Maybe one of the best. It has so much to offer in the way of freedom sandbox games and replicability. It is so good that the best gift might be to just get them (or yourself) a copy of the game. You can enjoy it together playing via multiplayer.

Factorio is created by Wube software. The webpage can be found here: Factorio